Baby Clothes On A Line


This is really simple and a great gift for a baby shower.

Buy some baby clothes and hang them on a piece of decorative ribbon. (Make sure the ribbon is wide enough.) Get some mini craft clothespins from your local craft store. Now, all you have to do is hang the baby items on the line.

Another cool idea is to buy clothing that they’ll grow into with each holiday. That way you will see the clothes gradually getting bigger on the line. For example, if the baby is being born in December, buy something for Christmas (newborn size) then for February, buy something for Valentine’s Day that would fit a 2 month old and right on down the calendar of holidays until the last outfit or item is for their 1st B-Day. This would take some time and planning, but think of how unique that would be.

I also cut out a form of a T-Shirt from white paper. You can use construction paper, cardboard or have the paper laminated. Make this the first thing they see when they open the gift. There is a poem online that you can find. I believe it’s called “The Clothesline Poem” by Marilyn K. Walker. You can print that out on the T-Shirt too. Sweet!

fold line2 line tshirt

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