Easy Baby Shower Gift


Here’s a Baby Shower gift… made with little effort and it’s cute. Here is my adaptation to one’s I’ve seen people make.

What’s fun about this is that you get to be creative with it. If the mommy-to-be has a theme for her nursery, even better.

Run to your local fabric store. Well, you don’t have to run a slow stroll will do too.



Here’s how to make it.

Materials you’ll need:

1 Yard Of Fabric

Decorative Ribbon

Box Of Wipes

Package Of Diapers (I used 36)

Shrink Wrap (Oh, Lordy…don’t forget the shrink wrap)

1. 1 yard of your favorite fabric. I’m a sucker for mini-polka dots. Have fun with it! If they have an animal theme, then buy a jungle fabric…if it’s nautical, then find a print with boats or anchors. You can also buy stickers like I’ve used to decorate the finished product or you can use this stork Stork & Baby Coloring Page.  Color, print, cut it out and laminate it. Then just tie it on! You get the gist. (Note: Since you will be taking the diapers out of their original package, it’s a nice gesture to write what size diapers you’ve gotten on the stork tag. The new mommy will thank you.) Pictured below.


2. Buy a container of wipes and a pack of diapers. I usually buy the diapers that are “up to 10 lbs.” or “12-18 lbs.”.

3. Next, fold the fabric into a triangle. (For lack of a better description, fold it like you were ready to rob a train in the Old West.)

4. Fold the pointed end, that would hang down…if it were a mask, towards the middle so you have a straight edge. Now, place the wipes in line with the edge.

5. You may need some help with this until you get the fabric secure. Stack the diapers up into two columns on top of the wipes container. When the diapers are stacked, pull the long sides up over the top of the diapers and secure with a rubber band or large twist tie.

6. Buy some shrink wrap and shrink it around the fabric and diapers. That will keep it all nice and tidy.  I learned to use the shrink wrap the hard way. My first two I made fell apart upon transit and at the shower. Er-mer-gerd…very embarrassing.

7. Get some pretty ribbon and tie it around the top of the gift and let it drape down over the front.

Voila! You have a nice little gift!ImageImageImage

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