Welsh Cookie Wedding Favors

Welsh Cookie Wedding Favors

(Big Heart represents the husband and the smaller one represents the wife)Welsh Cookie Wedding FavorsFind your favorite Welsh Cookie recipe.

(If you don’t have one, there are a gazillion online.)

Get two different sized heart shaped cookies cutters.

They’re not especially hard to make, but rather time consuming. We made them about a week ahead of time and they freeze really well. I layered them between wax paper, then wrapped them in Saran Wrap and stored them in an airtight Tupperware container. I wasn’t taking any chances.

We put them in decorative cellophane bags and placed them at each guest’s plate at our wedding.

They were a huge hit! Everyone loved them!

The cookies or Welsh Cakes as they’re traditionally called were a celebration of the shared heritage that my husband and I have in common!

welsh1welsh2rawwelsh griddle


All wrapped up and tied with a bow ready to be placed at the table!

We had a classic black and white wedding and red was our accent color.

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