Wedding Conversation Card


Did you know?…Wedding Conversation Cards

I was looking for something unique and fun to have at the place settings of our wedding reception and I came up with these “Did you know?” cards. I figured people would be sitting around at times and it would spark conversation and friendly banter around the table.

Some people were surprised by some facts, some reminisced, some belly laughed and others cried…happy tears of course.

They were inexpensive to make, really fun to create and they’re all about you and the love of your life. Mwah!

I went onto Vista Print (there are usually coupons online for them…sometimes 50% off) and picked out a “Rack Card”. These are cards you would normally see at a business or sometimes at stops on turnpikes that advertise “things to do” in the area. I thought these were perfect! We planned a classic black and white wedding and the tuxedo rack card jumped out at me. This was the one! I mean it’s probably normally used in tuxedo shops, but wow did it work for what I was trying to do.

Next, I came up with, “Did you know?” questions. Or, you can name them “Just the Facts”, “Really?!”, “They did what?” or whatever catchy phrase you can come up with.

I made the first word of every sentence bold to stand out and separate the information. You can even make the first word in all caps. Heck, you can do whatever you want. They’re your cards.


Now, for some examples to get you started on your cards.  “Did you know?”

JOHN and Jane met on a blind date set up by Jane’s best friend Joan.

THE bride and groom’s date was at La Foo Foo French Restaurant in Somewhere, USA where they both found out their favorite food was escargot and they knew from that moment on their life was destined to be together.

JOHN proposed to Jane three years later at this same restaurant on bended-knee. First asking her in French and then in English. They had, you guessed it, escargot for starters.

JANE’S engagement ring was personally designed by her husband, John. Have you seen it?

THE couple at times have been known to go by aliases. John’s nickname in high school was “Stretch”. Jane’s family nickname is “Bugsy” and she is still called this today by most family members.

JANE is wearing her grandmother’s veil which has been preserved for over 50 years. She would have loved to see her wear it.

THE newlyweds are planning on honeymooning in Ireland where both still have family. They have plans to reunite with some while on their trip to the “old country”.

So, you kind of have an idea of what to put on your cards. Be funny, be surprising and be yourself.


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