Valentine Take Home Gift


Valentine’s Take Home Gift

So, here’s the story behind the bags. My one friend was having an especially hard time this particular Valentine’s Day. Threatening to jump off the proverbial bridge and be done with relationships.

So, I invited my single friends to a gourmet dinner and recruited my boyfriend, now husband, to make it for us.

But, I wanted them to have something special on Valentine’s Day. So, along with their dinner, they each had a bag filled with special holiday goodies accompanied by a long stemmed, red rose.

I filled the bags with:

  • Heart shaped candies
  • Socks with hearts on them
  • Forget-me-not miniature potted flowers
  • Hershey Kisses
  • Memo pads with a heart-shaped theme
  • Note cards
  • Heart shaped soap

You can fill the bags with just about anything, Restaurant gift cards, mani/pedi gift cards, etc. It all depends on your budget and the amount of guests.

Everyone loved them and my friend didn’t “jump” which is the most important part of the story.

So, whether you’re having a couples dinner or just a girls-night…these will make your guests feel special.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

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