Wine Glass Lamp Shades


Wine Glass Lamp Shades

I was looking for something different for our wedding-on-a-budget and I came across these vellum lamp shades that matched our colors. I was really drawn to the damask pattern and it ended up being the piece we built the decor around.

They’re relatively inexpensive to buy and you can always make them yourself as a DIY project. There are many sites that teach you how to do this. I chickened out and chose to buy them.


I found balloon wine glasses on sale and they fit perfectly. $9.99 for a dozen. What?! I took them into the store and “tried them on” for size. The balloon type seemed the best fit, so they came home with me.

I found flickering tea lights on sale and used them for the candles.

They looked like the real thing and we didn’t have to call the fire department.

I put two on each table on either side of our flower centerpieces and they really looked great when the lights went low!


Beautiful on a budget!



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