Red Roses with Stephanotis


“Red Rose Bouquet with Stephanotis”

If flowers spoke a language, red roses would certainly speak the language of love.

This bouquet of red roses accented by pearled stephanotis spoke that language to me.

Stephanotis? Yes, stephanotis. These cute, little, star-like flowers that sound like an ailment that can be cured with a heavy dose of penicillin – spoke to me.


With our black and white wedding we needed a pop of color.

I saw a bouquet similar to this online and I took it to my local florist and said, “I want this!”

My awesome florist made my bouquet out of 18 red roses with pearled stephanotis throughout and my maid of honor had a bouquet of a dozen red roses.


My groom’s boutonnière  was a single red rose with stephanotis to match my bouquet.


Love, loyalty, romance and passion speak through the jeweled tones in this bouquet.

Simply Elegant!

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