Armenian Stuffed Onions


“Armenian Stuffed Onions”

One of the great things about my husband, among many great things, is he loves to cook. He also loves to make his grandfather’s recipes that have been handed down to him on worn and food speckled recipe cards. For the longest time, I’ve heard about these stuffed onions and he finally made them for me.

He made them under protest with ground beef because I refused to eat lamb. I know it’s weird. I do my hunting in the frozen food section of the grocery store – out of sight out of mind kind of mentality. If I had to hunt for real, I would probably be a vegetarian. Anyway, I just can’t bring myself to eat lamb or veal. That being said, I thought they were excellent with the ground beef. Almost addictive. I couldn’t stop eating them.

The next time he makes them, I would love to try the Moroccan variation of them. Because, I love me some dill and cardamon. Hmmm…I’m wondering what that would taste like? I’m a sucker for ethnic foods.

So, here it is. My husband’s secret, family recipe. But, why keep it a secret? Share it and make others happy too.

Armenian Stuffed Onions

Bon Appetite!



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