Charob’s Shepherds Pie


“Charob’s Shepherds Pie”

My husband went and did it again with this recipe. Ughhkk! I’m going to be 500 lbs. being married to this guy! Well, at least I’ll be happy.

It’s the pearl onions in brine that make this recipe pop with flavor. He just threw them in one day on a whim just to see what it would taste like and we’ve been throwing them in ever since.

Even if I have all of the ingredients to make this and I don’t have the pearl onions, I just don’t make it. They make that much of a difference in the flavor.

So, what’s with the “Charob”?  “Charob” is a combination of our two first names and is a play on the word “cherub”. It’s heavenly comfort food I tell ya.

You can make them in little, individual casserole dishes so everyone has their own or one big one.

Charob’s Shepherds Pie

Perfect for a Sunday dinner, weeknight dinner, St. Patrick’s Day or any day for that matter.



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