Country Club Omelette

I love this omelette! Hollendaise sauce is pretty much a form of kryptonite for me. If it has Hollendaise on it…I’m all about it.

This is so easy and it tastes sooooo good.

Country Club Omelette with Hollendaise



3 eggs

Splash of water

1 tbsp. Butter

3-4 slices of turkey (chopped)

4-5 pieces of bacon. (Cooked and crumbled)

Hollendaise Sauce

Ok, to get this decadent culinary delight started, heat your butter in a pan.

While waiting for your butter to melt, scramble 3 eggs in a bowl with a splash of water.

When your pan is heated up, pour in eggs and cook until no longer runny.

Then, place your turkey and  half of the bacon on one side of the omelette and fold.

Pour Hollendaise sauce over the top of your omelette and top with the rest of your crumbled bacon. (Truth be told, I didn’t make my own sauce today. I was lazy and used one out of a packet.)

I have also topped the omelette with diced tomatoes and it gives it another layer of flavor that tastes great.

Great dish to serve for brunch or just to treat yourself for breakfast.


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