“It’s A Wonderful Life” Host/Hostess Gift

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If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a fun and creative gift to bring to holiday parties.

Heck, this would just make a nice gift in general. I know I’d love to get one!

Now, for a little background on this creation. In the movie , “It’s A Wonderful Life”, the Bailey’s give the Martini’s a housewarming gift of bread, salt & wine. I have done this for housewarming gifts myself. Cool right?!

As the Bailey’s are handing them each gift, they tell them why and what it’s for. (When you watch the movie, you’ll know the part.) Well, I thought bread, salt and wine were a little boring for the holidays, so I made extra special, albeit indulgent, treats.

My husband made homemade truffles in place of the “bread”, candied bacon in place of the “salt” and I made homemade Bailey’s in place of the “wine”. The possibilities are endless. Imagination is key!

I think the Bailey’s makes it even more special, because it connects it right back to the movie.

I also made some cute little tags and tied them on to each treat and bundled them up in a cute little basket. We gave these to each host/hostess at all of the parties we were invited to. You would have sworn we gave them a million bucks. They went crazy over it. Crazy…I tell ya.

Holiday Take- Out container full of truffles
It’s A Wonderful Life Basket


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