“Over The Hill” Survival Kit


My dad is turning 70 this year and I wanted to do something fun!

I got my inspiration from Creative “Try” Als and added some of my own funny gifts.

Being that my dad has the best sense of humor than anyone I know, I knew he’d love it! I tied on a baby picture with a message that said. “70 years ago…on what otherwise might have been just an ordinary day THE WORLD GOT YOU!”


I got a basket and filled it with all kinds of “senior” goodies, but ones he’d be able to use in his daily life.

Some of the items I put in the basket were:

Pill Organizer- Even the days of the week say “WTF”. So can you.

Worcestershire Sauce – “What’s this here sauce?”. Don’t worry no one else knows how to pronounce it either.

Popcorn – Welcome to the next stage of your life. Play your part well!

Olive Oil – Oil of Old Age

Magic Sizing (or Starch) – Wrinkle Remover – For when the iron isn’t enough

Batteries – To help keep you going and going

Tissues – For when happy memories sneak out of your eyes

Socks – Sit back and kick your feet up. Relax! You deserve it.

Lollipops – Because getting old sucks

Hemorrhoid Cream – Getting old is a pain in the ass

Antacid – Laughter is the best medicine. But, when that doesn’t work, go to the medicine cabinet

Deck of Cards – You’ll still have a full deck. You just may shuffle slower.



Get a nice clear bag or shrink wrap and voila!


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