Mini Spinach Dip Bread Bowls

I needed an idea for an appetizer. The hostess of the party said,”I need a dip or a pick food.” Okay…hmmm. Well, I usually make spinach dip in a big pumpernickel bread bowl, but there was going to be 60 people at this shin dig. That’s 60 people dipping into the bowl. Yuck! Then, I had a bright idea. Why not make a dip-pick food combo?

So, I experimented. I had crescent rolls in the can and a mini muffin pan. I unrolled the crescent roll dough and tried to pinch together the triangles to form rectangles. Then, I cut out circles with a glass I have that makes perfect sized circles for the pan. It’s just a juice glass I have in my cupboard. The remaining dough I rolled out the best that I could and made more circles. (2 crescent roll tubes made 48 mini cups)

I put the circles in the muffin pan and poked holes in the bottom of each. I baked them following the directions on the crescent roll container. 13 min at 350F. When they came out, they were puffy, but I needed them to look like little bowls. So, I grabbed the teaspoon off of my measuring spoons and pushed down on the center of each. Voila! It made a little well for the spinach dip. Bingo! Just what I needed. I also tried some pre-made phyllo cups that I bought at the store. They just needed to be thawed for 15 min. Super easy! Each method was equally as tasty.

I made the recipe for spinach dip that’s on the back of the vegetable dip packet. I then used my easy accent decorator that looks like a cookie press and piped the spinach dip into each little cup. You can use spoons too, but this was really easy and made it a little more eye appealing.

And there you have it. Mini Spinach Bread Bowls.

Make enough, because they go like wild fire!


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